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"Me Sew Happy" Quilt Along Week Two

Week Two - 8-15 April (& still not too late to join us... )

How are your Smaller Squares Blocks going? Are you enjoying some simpler piecing?

All too often in quiltmaking we get caught up in more - more detailed, more challenging, more complicated, more thinking... but often the beauty can be found in simpler. Simpler piecing can allow print & colour to shine. Simpler sewing can be a lovely pause amongst our busier lives. I loved making the Smaller & Bigger Squares blocks in this quilt because it was so enjoyable to just cut & sew. To get back to simply focusing on my seam matching & fabric placement. It was a fun, easy moment away from the busier, more detailed sewing that I've been working on. The good news is that this week it is even easier! Your Bigger Squares Blocks will come together in no time at all - big, breezy, bold blocks of colour. I remember Kaffe Fassett once talking about every quilt needing somewhere for the eyes to rest, & that is what these Bigger Squares Blocks will give your quilt. Have fun making them! I look forward to seeing more of your Instagram posts - keep them coming!! And, please be sure to use the correct hashtag so that we can all enjoy each other's progress.

This week's Instagram homework:

  1. search our hashtag (#mesewhappyquilt), then like & comment on each other's posts; say hello & start a conversation - the great thing about QAL's is the opportunity to connect with other quiltmakers from around the world, learn new ideas & share tips

  2. style a picture & tell us about your ideal #mewsewhappy time - are you tucked away in a sewing room with a good podcast & a cup of herbal tea? Or, are you grabbing a few moments in the corner of a busy family room, surrounded by happy noise? Perhaps you're a late night sewer with a glass of bubbles & some Netflix for company?

This week's "Me Sew Happy" target:

  1. sort through your scraps & your stash, pulling out any fabrics that you'd like to use for this week's blocks. These Bigger Squares Blocks are perfect for to display some of your more favourite pieces. Again, variety is the key, not too much of any one fabric.

  2. iron your fabrics before you cut - this ensures a better finish

  3. enjoy making your four Bigger Squares Blocks - it's a pretty easy week, so enjoy a breather, or feel free to push on with prepping your fabrics for the Smaller Hourglass Blocks

  4. your Instagram homework (above)

"I Am In" Giveaway Winner: @bowralbrunette - congratulations Suzanne! Your "Folklore" FQ Bundle will be on it's way to you shortly!

Watch out for another great giveaway next week! Until then, wishing you a happy week of sewing.

From These Clever Hands, to Yours...

Jo xo

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Unknown member
Apr 14, 2021

Just joining in - not on IG any longer but I will follow along here. 😎


Unknown member
Apr 09, 2021

I am enjoying going through some of my shoeboxes of cut up squares looking for fabric I want to us in these blocks. Many of these squares were cut when I first started collecting scraps in 2013-14. I have come to realize I didn't always cut my squares correctly so many are way to small or lop-sided so they are going back in the scrap pile. Thanks for designing this great quilt and having the QAL.

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