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My name is Jo & I live in the leafy outers of Melbourne, Australia.  I have been quilt making for nearly 35 years & am all about EPP, machine piecing & using bold colour. 


After celebrating my 5.0 birthday, I had a Jerry Maguire moment (no goldfish involved!) & decided to opt out of a very stressful, thankless job & instead immerse myself in more joy.  More joy for me looks like many things, but it definitely includes much more time for creativity.  

I have been that busy working Mum, who too readily pushed back her creativity, 

instead putting everything and everyone ahead of her own needs.  I didn't fully understand the value of creativity, and the joy that it brings.

A lot of learning later, I found my way back to my stitching time, and fell for modern paper piecing - fussy cutting, fabulous fabrics & slow stitching.  The perfect weeknight, worker bee solution -  it gave me the ability to get a little quiet stitching in at the end of each busy day.

However, we quilt makers know that it's not as simple as making time to stitch - right?  Maybe there is no fabric shop nearby, or they don't have what you were really looking for, or they close before you can get there...  We're busy & we need convenience.

It got me to thinking about what would be the ultimate in quilt making fabric purchasing - what I wished I could wave a magic wand for...  and it was this: 

a delicious, sampler pack of co-ordinated, colourful, quality fabrics - in an array of sizes, that I could crack open & simply start playing with!  Hence, my curated fabric packs...

I do the work for you - starting with a statement feature fabric, then building a vast array of co-ordinating fabrics around it.   


My packs are: 

  • curated (I carefully select every piece - if I wouldn't use it, then I won't sell it!)

  • convenient (you simply choose which one you want & I'll post it to you pronto!)

  • cost effective (no need to purchase minimum cuts of fabrics that you might only use a small piece of)

  • colourful (I only do colour!)

  • & quality (think Kaffe Fassett Philip Jacobs, Brandon Mably, Anna Maria Horner, Cotton+Steel, Tula Pink, Alison Glass, Jennifer Paganelli etc. - no chain store cheap & nasties!)

I hope that my Curated Fabric Packs might help you to reclaim some of your precious creative time, & give you a little more space for some daily stitching bliss.

Jo xo



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