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"Me Sew Happy" Quilt Along Week One

Week One - 1-8 April (or, join us as soon as you can - late arrivals welcome!)

A big, quilty welcome to you all - I'm "sew happy" to have you join my "Me Sew Happy" QAL!! I'm super excited & can't wait to share your "Me Sew Happy" quiltmaking journey. There will be new stitching friends to be made, some fabulous giveaways & QAL special offers.

As I have already flagged, this QAL will be at a relaxed pace. While there are targets for each week, it is your quiltmaking experience - there are no hard & fast rules here, no should's, no must's, no go hard or go home - it's not my style. My mantra is "your quilt, your rules". If you are running behind, that is perfectly okay; if you forge ahead, then that is perfectly okay too. This QAL is not so much about keeping up, it's about connecting with other quiltmakers & sharing the journey.

Some general housekeeping: we are each other's cheer squad. I don't think it needs to be said, but let's leave our differences at the door & simply encourage one another, be kind & be helpful.

So, let's get Week One underway!

This week's Instagram homework:

  1. make sure that you have completed the "I Am In!" steps - see my previous blog post for the details.

  2. style a colourful picture that includes your clever hands & some of the fabrics that you plan to use in your quilt

  3. share the picture on Instagram, with an introduction & hello to other QAL participants, that includes: your name, where you live, a little about you as a quiltmaker & what excites you about making this quilt

  4. important: use the hashtags #mesewhappyquilt & #thesecleverhands in your post

This week's "Me Sew Happy" target:

  1. we're going to dive right into your block making this week! So, begin by printing your pattern, & have a read through the introduction & the Smaller Squares Blocks steps.

  2. sort through your scraps & your stash, pulling out any fabrics that you'd like to use for this week's blocks. These Smaller Squares Blocks are perfect for your precious little odds & sods pieces - the ones that you haven't been able to discard because you love them, even though they're teeny tiny. Variety is the key, not too much of any one fabric.

  3. iron your fabrics before you cut - this ensures a better finish

  4. fill some bobbins in readiness - this is a great project for using up your odds & sods thread

  5. tend to your machine - clean & oil, & consider changing the needle

  6. get started on making all four of your Smaller Squares Blocks!

I'm excited! I hope that you are too!! Remember, that the "I Am In" giveaway winner will be announced here next week - so be sure to tick off all the requirements for that.

From These Clever Hands, to Yours...

Jo xo

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24 de abr. de 2021

Hello! I just “found” you and this great project. Am I too late to join? Where can I purchase the pattern? Thank you for your help, what a wonderful quilt!

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