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"Everything Goes" Quilt-Along Week Eleven

Updated: May 9, 2021

Week Eleven - 4-10 Feb, 2021

  • it's time to finish assembling your quilt top! I have scheduled two weeks to do this.

  • Take your time with it & you will have a better finish for it. I tend to rush this stage, in my impatience to finish. However, I took my time with this quilt - ironing as I went & pinning to ensure it came together nicely.

  • if you do get your quilt top together this week, please read the following steps - if you don't get your quilt top together this week (& that is perfectly okay - there's no rush!), just ignore the following steps for now ☺️

  • once you have your quilt top together, style a picture of the entire quilt top - maybe hang it on the wash line, in your garden, at the beach, over your verandah railing... be creative!

  • share the picture on Instagram & tell us how you feel to have your quilt top completed & what plans you have for quilting it

  • important: remember to use the hashtag #everythinggoesquilt in your pos

Final post - once your quilt is complete, whenever that maybe...

  • once your quilting is done, plus your label & binding on

  • please be sure to share your final quilt, using the hashtag #everythinggoesquilt in your post - we all want to see the final quilts & I'd love to share some fabulous pictures on my Instagram feed for everyone who has followed the QAL to see!

From These Clever Hands, to yours...

Jo xo

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