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'Sweet Something' Quilt Along Week Six

Week Six - December (eek!!) 6

This week we complete our Hourglass Blocks. How are you going with them? They're a bit of a fiddle, but really add that extra detail to the quilt, connecting the blocks together. We're well into the Christmas craziness now. It has been a challenging couple of years & we have a busy December ahead - a family wedding, my son's university graduation ceremony & we'll be hosting Christmas also. Self care need to be a priority. For me that means being organised - when life gets messy my mind gets messy. The Christmas presents were all wrapped by the end of November, the pudding & cake are made, & I have bought as many of the Christmas groceries as I can. Each day I am coming back to my list of to do's, letting some of it go, ticking some of it off. This week my family & I are having a lovely, quiet week's break at the beach & I need it. Time to stop, breathe, reconnect & replenish my energy. Then it will be back to the busyness - my challenge will be to keep finding moments to pause, notice & enjoy this special time of the year. So, all of that being said, if you get your hourglass blocks done, then you do. But if you don't, then that is okay too - they're not going anywhere & these blog posts will always be here for you to come back to. Enjoy the days ahead & be sure to make time for your self care too.

This week's Instagram homework:

  1. search our hashtag (#sweetsomethingquilt), then like & comment on each other's posts; take a look at what everyone else is making

  2. nothing more this week - let's not add to your to do list :) If you'd like to post a pic of your blocks we'd love to see them, but if not then that's okay!

This week's 'Sweet Something' target: is to complete the Hourglass Blocks, as per the pattern instructions.

Next week I will be announcing a Christmas giveaway, so be sure to check next Monday's blog post!

From These Clever Hands, to Yours...

Jo xo

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