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'Sweet Something' Quilt Along Week One

Week One - November 1, 2021

Here we go! It's time to get start on your 'Sweet Something' quilt!! I'm so excited to see your version of my pattern. Every quilt along that I've hosted has left me wanting to remake my own quilt after being inspired by variety of ideas that each pattern has produced.

As previously mentioned, there are no hard & fast rules here. This time of year can be very busy for some, & quieter for others. Some will speed through this make, some will take their own sweet time - & that is exactly how I want it to be. Work to your own pace. There will be no pressure to keep up & nothing to stop you from moving ahead. Your quilt, your rules.

Also, it is entirely up to you how big you'd like to make your quilt. Scale it up, size it down. Your quilt, your rules. And colour, print, theme... your quilt, your rules. One of my testers, Melissa of @ablemissdesigns made her quilt in a vintage styled palette which worked a treat (you can see it below). Are you sensing a theme here? I am all about quiltmaking being your own experience. No shoulds. No quilt police. No finger wagging or tut-tut's. I won't have any of it. Your quilt, your rules.

And finally, let's be encouraging of one another. Comment on other's posts, "like" their pictures, be supportive, share tips & tricks etc. Previous quilt alongs have proven to be the beginning of many new quilty connections & friendships. You're not alone in this make, there is a community of makers out there who are all creating their own 'Sweet Something'. Read on for details about this week's homework, making targets & also the winner of our first giveaway!

This week's Instagram homework:

  1. search our hashtag #sweetsomethingquilt - then like & comment on each other's posts; say hello & start a conversation - the great thing about QAL's is the opportunity to connect with other quiltmakers from around the world, learn new ideas & share tips

  2. this week begins with your fabric pull (see below) & then later, some cutting. - Do you create a mood board, keep a swatch book, or perhaps you're like me & just start pulling out fabrics, creating a big, happy pile? Style an Instagram worthy picture of your fabric pull & post it with an introduction, saying hello to the other QAL participants. Tell us a little about your fabrics & your plans for the quilt.

This week's "Sweet Something" target:

  1. I'd suggest starting by seeking out your Feature Blocks fabrics. These blocks are perfect for displaying some of your bigger prints. I dug into some of my most coveted Kaffe Fassett Collective florals. Variety is key, not too much of any one print.

  2. then sort through your scraps & your stash, pulling out what fabrics you'd like to use for your Feature Block frames - I used some of Kaffe's Spots, Brandon Mably's 'Jumble' & a selection of other smaller prints. You don't want to take away from the feature print, but instead compliment it. I chose a palette mostly of my favourite reds, greens, blues & purples. You might prefer to do something more like Melissa (above) & use a more monochromatic tone, or a solid to really define the blocks.

  3. next, it's time to choose your more solid print, for the Corner Squares & Hourglass Blocks - this is where I used Kaffe's Aboriginal Dot in Plum

  4. iron your fabrics before you cut - this ensures a better finish

  5. cut your Feature Block centres as per the pattern instructions

  6. cut your Feature Frame strips as per the pattern instructions

  7. cut your Corner Squares pieces as per the pattern instructions

  8. your Instagram homework (above)

"I Am In" Giveaway: is still up for grabs! I have extended the giveaway by another week - to be eligible you need to have ticked off all of the tasks in my last blog. It's a fabulous Amy Butler FQ Bundle, so well worth the effort to be eligible to win! In particular, follow the hashtag #sweetsomethingquilt so that you can see everyone else's posts.

Have fun with your fabric play this week!

From These Clever Hands, to Yours...

Jo xo

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