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'Sweet Something' Quilt Along Week Eight

Week Eight - December 20

This week is somewhat optional. The next three weeks will include lots of Scrappy Border sewing, & of course, Christmas & the New Year. Everyone will have different plans, so I want to keep some space here to allow for those who might be more busy for the holidays. It is up to you as to when, or even if, you'd like to be working on your Scrappy Borders across the next three weeks. Essentially, I had allowed two weeks to make these borders, plus one week off. However, you might like to sew a little each week, or a lot in just one week. Remember, your quilt, your rules.

I took my sweet time with making my Scrappy Borders. I wanted to make sure that I had maximum scrappiness & that no two same/similar prints were next to each other. Also, I used my stash of small scraps - sometimes cutting only one square per scrap piece, which took time (but it was so rewarding to see that pile diminish & be put to good use!). You might opt to cut multiples from just a few prints which would make it a quicker process - whatever you feel suits your style/design best. So, that being said, this is week one, of three, of Scrappy Borders sewing. I will post again for each of the next two weeks, just to keep up the continuity, & next week I will share a little about my family's Christmas plans.

This week's Instagram homework:

  1. search our hashtag (#sweetsomethingquilt), then like & comment on each other's posts; take a look at what everyone else is making

  2. anytime over the next three weeks, I'd love to see a picture of your Scrappy Borders being made

This week's 'Sweet Something' target: is entirely optional. Over the next three weeks (December 20 - January 9), we will be working on our Scrappy Borders sewing. Just enjoy some sewing when you feel the need to be back at your sewing machine. No pressure, no should's, just some sweet making amongst your seasonal plans.

Christmas Giveaway winner: Congratulations to @patchwork_gecko - a very deserved win after your flooding issues! - your Christmas themed Scraps Bundles will be on it's way to you shortly!

From These Clever Hands, to Yours...

Jo xo

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