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'Sweet Something' Quilt Along Details

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

I'd love you to join the These Clever Hands 'Sweet Something' Quilt Along fun! This quilt along will run at an easy pace for twelve weeks, with some great giveaways along the way. It is a fabulous opportunity to connect with other quiltmakers, ask questions, share tips & learn from others.

The quilt-along fun will begin November 1, 2021 & finish January 25, 2022. Given that it will run across the holidays, the pace is relaxed. My hope is that you will enjoy the journey & not feel pressured to keep up. If it takes you longer than twelve weeks then so be it. If you whip it up in two weeks then that's okay too. Your quilt, your rules. This Quilt Along is all about some enjoyable, relaxed sewing & making some new quilty friends along the way.

I am kicking off our 'Sweet Something' Quilt Along with the first giveaway! You can read all about it at the very end of this post.

To qualify for the giveaway prizes you must have:

  1. purchased a copy of the 'Sweet Something' pattern here

  2. shared the image below to your Instagram feed, & use the hashtags #sweetsomethingquilt & #thesecleverhands (if you don't know how to share an image on Instagram, please go to the very end of this blog post for details). If your account is private & I am not following you I will not be able to see your post. In this case, please take a screenshot of your post & direct message it to me (I'd hate for your to miss out on the fabulous goodies up for grabs!)

  3. followed the hashtags #sweetsomethingquilt & #thesecleverhands - this will help you to see all Quilt Along posts (if you don't know how to follow a hashtag on Instagram, please go to the very end of this blog post for details)

  4. completed all giveaway 'homework' requirements (which will be detailed in that week's blog & socials posts).

Some things to note:

  • please, please, please make an effort to look out for, encourage & comment on others Quilt Along progress posts. It is in the commenting & encouraging that we will connect & get to know one another. Leave any differences at the door. Unkindness will not be tolerated.

  • every Monday I will create a new blog post to correlate with that week's Quilt Along details - such as the homework/aim for the week, giveaways & special offers

  • every Monday I will post on Facebook & Instagram to remind you that there is a new blog post

  • throughout the Quilt Along I will share some of your progress posts, so be sure to take plenty of pictures & keep us up to date on how you're progressing. Remember to use the hashtags #sweetsomethingquilt & #thesecleverhands on all of your posts.

  • there is a general schedule below, this is not concrete, but just to give you an idea of what you can expect each week

  • finally, please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions - you can direct message me through Facebook or Instagram, or email me: or pop the question in the comments of any of the QAL posts & we (as a Quilt Along collective) can answer them there.

Draft 'Sweet Something' Quilt Along Schedule:

1/11/21 Week 1: Fabric pull & some cutting

8/11/21 Week 2: Framed Feature Blocks Part 1

15/11/21 Week 3: Framed Feature Blocks Part 2

22/11/21 Week 4: Framed Feature Blocks Part 3

29/11/21 Week 5: Hourglass Blocks Part 1

6/12/21 Week 6: Hourglass Blocks Part 2

13/12/21 Week 7: More cutting

20/12/21 Week 8: Scrappy Borders making Part 1 (maybe... given the week that it is!)

27/12/21 Week 9: Scrappy Borders making Part 2

3/01/22 Week 10: Scrappy Borders making Part 3

10/01/22 Week 11: Joining it all up Part 1

17/01/22 Week 12: Joining it all up Part 2

To follow the hashtags #sweetsomethingquilt & #thesecleverhands on Instagram - go to the search icon (magnifying glass symbol) at the bottom of the screen & click on it. At the top of the page is a search bar - enter #everythinggoesquilt & in the new screen tap "follow" at the top of the page. Repeat again, but this time enter #thesecleverhands & in the new screen tap "follow" at the top of the page.

To repost the "I Am In" image on Instagram:

  • you will need a third party reposting app (there are many, but I use "Repost" which is a free app that is very user friendly), or you can take a screenshot on your phone (then crop the picture & post it as you usually would)

  • if you choose a reposting app, simply go to my "I Am In" post & tap on the three dots at the top RHS

  • then tap "Copy link' - a little pop-up will tell you that the link has been copied

  • close Instagram & go to your reposting app & open it

  • the "I Am In" post will appear in the app - tap on it

  • it will open the post & at the bottom it will say something like "Share" - tap on it

  • it will open Instagram & give you the option of "Story" or "Feed" - choose "Feed"

  • the image will appear, with "Next" at the top RHS - tap on "Next"

  • the image will then appear, ready for you to post - but first add your own caption, letting your friends & family know that you are in! Tell them what you're looking forward to, what your quilt plans are & don't forget to use our hashtags - #sweetsomethingquilt & #thesecleverhands

"I Am In" Giveaway: to kick things off, this week I will give away a gorgeous Amy Butler themed fat quarter bundle, featuring some of her exquisite 'Natural Beauty' prints. To be eligible to win you need to complete all of the following:

  1. purchase a copy of the 'Sweet Something' pattern here

  2. shared the "I Am In" image to your Instagram feed, & use both hashtags #sweetsomethingquilt & #thesecleverhands (please read the details above)

  3. followed the hashtags #sweetsomethingquilt & #thesecleverhands

I'll be looking forward to seeing the unique & wonderful 'Sweet Something' that you create!

From These Clever Hands, to Yours...

Jo xo

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