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"Everything Goes" Quilt-Along Week Three

Updated: May 9, 2021

Week Three - 10-16 Dec, 2020


Are you hooked too?! I've had so many lovely messages from QAL participants who are loving this make. The resonating message is that many of you are enjoying immersing yourselves in a project where they don't have to make decisions. I think that we might all have decision fatigue at the moment. And, at this time of year, a stop-start, without fuss, project is ideal. I know that I too loved simply sewing. Not constantly having to re-read instructions, match fabrics, think about print directions etc. It's kind of minimalist sewing with maximalist colour & print 😆, & that is right up my alley!!

This week's Instagram homework:

  1. style a colourful picture that includes your hands with your blocks to date

  2. share the picture on Instagram, & tell us about your clever hands - society tells us that they 'should look young', wrinkle free & unblemished, that we 'should' have manicured, perfect, glossy nails... but what about what they do for us, how we use them to create? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Use the hashtag #thesecleverhands also this week.

  3. Check out other QAL participants posts - be sure to interact & chat, it's how we will all connect

  4. important: remember to use the hashtag #everythinggoesquilt in your post

This week's "Everything Goes" target:

  1. keep making your blocks - target is another 14 blocks

  2. your Instagram homework (above)

Giveaway news: watch out next week for another "Everything Goes" QAL giveaway!!

I can't wait to see your blocks! Remember to follow the hashtag #everythinggoesquilt (instructions on how to do so were in my first QAL blog post) - this is how you can see everyone else's makes, connect with other QAL makers & learn new ideas.

From These Clever Hands, to Yours...

Jo xo

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