If you know about Martha Negley, then you'll know that:

  • they're very, very hard to source here in Australia
  • they're highly collectible & much sought after
  • the detail in Martha's designs makes each an artwork in itself
  • that many believe Martha was once part of the Kaffe Fassett Collective, which is incorrect - it's just that her fabrics pair & meld so beautifully with those of the KFC


"Market Day" is maxxed out with many coveted, *rare & out of print* pieces. This pack features 'Fruit & Floral' (my only piece of this fabric), amongst many other Martha Negley prints. Rich reds, pretty pinks, grass greens & soft neutrals fill out this pack.


This pack contains an equivalent minimum of 1.15 metres x width of designer, quality quiltmaking fabric. See the third picture for details of all fabric included.

"Market Day"