After starting my year with a tidy up in my sewing studio, I felt frustrated at the constant messy fabric piles.  I could never really see what fabric I had on hand & seemed to be wasting so much of my precious sewing time looking through tubs & boxes.  I arrived at the conclusion that perhaps I needed some of the miniature fabric bolts that I've seen advertised - until I saw how much they cost!  I simply couldn't justify spending so much on fabric storage (I'd more prefer to buy actual fabric instead!).  So, not to be perturbed, I set about finding a more cost effective, but better, solution.⁠

This "after" photo shows the same fabric, now all nicely housed on 100% recycled, sturdy fabric boards that will have your fabric stash sparking more joy than ever before!!  At just $9 per 6 boards (compared to other bolt options at $24.00), they will leave you with plenty of pocket money for your fabric shopping.⁠


While they don't come with a clip, I have used my surplus of binding clips to keep the fabric ends in check.  You could even use small bulldog clips or a pin.  ⁠

If you like value for money, recycled & simple, then I recommend you give these fabric boards a fly.  Message me if you are looking to make a bulk purchase (discount will apply).⁠

Fabric Boards - 6 pack