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Anna Maria Horner...

Anna Maria Horner grew up in a house full of her dad's paintings & with a closet full of her mom's handy-work. Beds were warmed by the hand-loomed wool blankets sent by her grandmother from Greece. The busy bodies of her &her siblings were warmed by the beautiful hand-knits of their grandmother in Indiana. As a kid in the 70's, she passed up store-bought Barbie dresses & instead created them from her mother's fabric scraps.

There have been varied stops on her path to here, but a common element in all of her work, whether fashion, quilting or fine art, is a passion for the language of colour. Somewhere around 2001, her fascination with taking an idea through all the necessary steps from her sketchbook to a store shelf sparked the momentum to create a brand. Anna Maria's fresh perspectives within traditional markets & her vision of being surrounded by the work of her own hands has led her to partnering with more than two dozen manufacturers to design homewares, gift items, & textiles. Her focus has intensified in the craft, sewing and quilting community where her creativity was first planted as a girl. She has authored three sewing books, & self publishes a continuing collection of sewing, quilting & needlework patterns. Sharing her point of view through teaching design, stitching & patchwork has become an increasingly important part of Anna Maria’s work.

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